Friday, February 15, 2002

I should write more, should'nt I????
Well, I have been busy teaching and preparing the launch of my own website
And: I am back in the gym!!! Cardio-Kickboxing!!! Can you believe it? It is tough, the first time around I thought I am in bootcamp and my arms and legs felt like jelly, it was depressing....but I will stick to it at least twice a week, things will change. I am not obsessed with fitness or appearance, but I just don't want to feel like a slob any longer!!
And: my students LOVE "Finally grow up", especially the younger ones, one girl in particular. I feel really honored about that. I was under the impression, that at that age (9) everybody is into Backstreet Boys and NSync, but she claims she hates them. And Britaney Spears, she hates her too!!! COOL!!! I am branching out with my fan base here, very exciting that is!!
They really relate to the lyrics and the sounds, I never ever expected that. Furthermore, my tunes from the first album are perfect for teaching melodic and harmonic concepts too.
I can't wait to start recording the next album.
And: I need new cables for my studio, have been going the Radio Shack route for too long, I mean, I am proud of the results, but the buzzing is getting so bad, the interference of the monitor is getting ridiculous.....appropriately I named my studio "Noisy Dorm Recorders": Nomen est Omen!
So there you have it, have a good weekend everybody and stick with me, those games I promised a long time ago will actually see the light of day prety soon on the Calamus website and my Berlin connection is finishing up the video clip too.

Saturday, February 09, 2002

Last week I did a performance of improvised music at the radio station KAZU in Pacific Grove. The music was in the background enhancing the visual impression of Bob Nash's line drawings. Bob Nash lives in Big Sur, is 84 years old and was a personal friend of Henry Miller and the whole Big Sur gang. His drawings are very fine and intricate metaphors for nature and all sorts of states of mind, they are pretty open to interpretation and was very impressed by his means of expression. Without color, he abandoned it a long time ago, the little lines are incredibly fragile and strong in their ability to carry meaning. I think he did about 50.000 of those drawings. Brita put this exhibit together, I juast met her recently through Claus and it is always great to meet a German here in, that sounds terrible, let me rephrase: Brita is a great person, charming and intelligent and I do not feel I live in exile, I am starting to really, honestly like it in the US. Britas husband runs the station, his name is John and it is a pleasure to be in his presence. I had a tremendous time with them at their home, before the exhibit, when we ate cheese, sausage and good bread. So anyhow, back to the exhibit real quick: it was nice to get back into freeform improv again and as everything happens at once, Thomas from Tuebingen contacted me about his new record the day before and I put him in contact with Ernesto from SF, who wrote me an e-mail out of the blue, cause Brita told him about me. I was long out of the improv scene and all of a sudden, I get to perform, people contact me, proprietors of improvisation I should dub them, and Ignaz, my buddy from the NIE days sez hello too!!!! WOW!!! bottom line: life hits you with the unexpected!! And there has to be a reason behind that too!! But what is it??

Thursday, February 07, 2002

Just watched American History X on DVD, which reminded me when I saw it in the theatre the first time around: at Universal City Walk, a nice 16 screen multiplex and there was a young couple with a two or three year old purchasing tickets and enjoying the fair!!?!! Who do you blame? The personell or the parents? Well, with all the great tips on responsible parenting probably the ticket guys...greedy bastards..selling tix to .....YES: of course the parents. OK, let's slow down, many of you might not know, what I am talking about, so ina nutshell: this is of course a very violent movie which deals with controversial issues, that a lot of Americans would love to ignore, and yes the movie deals with these issues in a controversial manner. In the end it shows how violence perpetuates itself. And how ironic is that these parents, who are too lazy, too ignorant or just too plain stupid to get a babysitter or think before producing a child, expose a TWO year old to a movie with explicit violence like that ans say "quiet, baby, mama wanna watch the mooovie", if the child can't stop crying, because it cannot make sense of what he is seeing on the screen.
Well, next time a 13-year old shoots a bunch of classmates, and one part of the media points the finger to the other part of the media, have the "experts", who are probably still wondering why such things happen, in a perfect world like this with so many nice things to purchase, yes, have them call me and i will tell them the story of way back when I saw irresponsible/neglegible parenthood with my own two eyes. Maybe that story can make a difference, maybe, but only maybe will they....put a couple of ads on TV reminding teenage parents not to shake their infant if he/she does not behave!!!! Yes...I can see CHANGE coming!!!! Over And Out!!!