Thursday, April 25, 2002

Had a GREAT jam at Stu's house with the kids!! No kidding: just a little
loop with 3 chords, a minor third apart and Leroy doing a great
minimalistic funk line on bass and Tim drumming like a possessed madman.
It was in fact quite extraordinary and did I record it? Of course not,
idiot me...I did not bring my MiniDisc!!!Anyhow, it was great and it
showed clearly, that without a lot of theoretical knowledge
people/kids/... can make music together. We even did a Chick Corea type
unison break part where Tim delivered a polyrhythmic drum solo (without
him realizing the polyrhythmic implications I am sure) which was just
great!! I guess I am repeating myself..anyhow: we jammed away for almost
one hour, reaching climaxes and bringing it back down. I am definitely
impressed and next time I WILL RECORD THAT STUFF for them mainly to hear
what they achieved.
OK, so long for now, see ya!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Oh my dear lord...promised to write...did not....Well, now that I announced on my soon to be officially opened website that this journal will feature daily updates I better keep my word, right? My wife and I just came back from a little European vacation that was just sooooo enjoyable..yet short!! two weeks, a time period in which the average American traveller visits all main European tourist attractions twice we just stayed in the Munich area. We hiked to Kloster Andechs, had great weather in the beer garden, ate Steckerlfisch, a whole fish of course straight from the grill and had a brief encounter with hostile cattle thanks to tour guides Bernd and Christof. We went to Salzburg via the BOB (Bavarian Overland Train), where for $15 you can take 5 buddies and ride the luxurious train to a variety of Alpine destinations....just incredible!! No cars, only public transportation, castles, churches, landmarks en masse, man, I tell you, I do not even remember half of the sites we saw..cultural overkill so to speak and only to be balanced through intense shopping sprees in downtown Munich: candy, clothes and books. On a very sad note: my grandmother dies just a few days before we left San Francisco. I could not get to see her. The funeral was quite hard! My dad picked some very nice music from Vivaldi and Tschaikowsky for that. I met so many relatives. It really is strange that the family only gets together when somebody dies. My uncle Franz and his wife Cara came all the way from Denver. I visited my other granny in the old-peoples home frequently too and I hope I can go back in the summer. What else did we do? Well, we did a lot with Bernd and Vera including getting caught on the S-Bahn without a valid ticket, but: the guys let me walk!!! WOW!!! Normally they are hardcore and you have to go to their office and fill out paperwork etc. and get humiliated...but we missed the last train to Lohhof (Last Exit Lohhof...) and therefore had to stop by a McDonalds..Did not get to see Steffi much and Morbid Mike neither. Next time!! It is tough to please everybody. But: Roland and I had some good sessions of listening to music and drinking beer at Lukullus. We walked around the city quite a bit. In fact, the walking was so intense, that my feet hurt bad!!! As I said: no car for two weeks, man..Anyhow, we also attended Erwins wedding before we left in SF and had a great time with the family that would not talk...I am serious, I guess they did not approve but they still want to stay with the newly weds for 3 months for some reason!!! Then, when we came back I had no time to get over the jet-lag, went straight to working at KAZU, doing the morning show from 6 to 9, CRAZY, and stayed till 4 and then private students. I don't even know what time it is...but: let's not complain, I learn a lot and just gotta be careful not to neglect the finishing of my next album. Oh, another thing: Friday a parent gave me $20 tip for a lesson and at night we went to a Mexican restaurant where this incredible guitar player was playing around the tables with his trio. He is Joe Pass, man, it is frustrating how good this gentleman is! So I immediatly put the money to good use....see ya tomorrow!!