Tuesday, May 21, 2002

I remember random things about my grandmothers lately, for example: when we rehearsed for Samuel's Dream at my dad's house once, Samuel came down from Tuebingen and Erian, our trusted bass dude showed up. My grandmother was doing work in the garden and asked us if we wanted some lunch. We denied at first, politely, stating that we had to practice the new material blablabla because of the upcoming tour and radio interviews and so on. but then we actually got very hungry later in the day and since the name of the game for my grandmother ( and I am sure that goes for any grandmother in the world when it comes to selling food to the kids) is persistence, she was ready to go: she prepared wonderful "Putenschnitzel", meaning turkey-schnitzel, and she made about 12 of them. We were 3 guys and, well...we ate..and ate..and finished all!! We suddenly got very sleepy, forgotten was the upcoming tour, the new tunes, the radio interviews, the live TV appearances, we....just..took a HUGE nap...Isn't it interesting that that story sticks to my mind these days (among others which I am planning to share with you), such a feel of family, although she got on my nerves a lot of times, my friends always thought I had the greatest grandmother in the world!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

one more thing: like an idiot I forgot to bring almost ALL important documents to the immigration hearing in San Jose yesterday. No joint bills, rental agreement, no nothing. Halfway there we realize it nd are about to turn back, but we decide to go to INS and the officer was actually very cool and allowed us to mail in all the missing documents. What a crappy preparation for this important thing. I could have been detained and maybe deported? Well, I think, there is more obvious fraud couples running around like Renee who married the Chinese gentleman 20 years her senior with no English skills at all....anyhow, so that was that and in other legal news: I was in traffic court again for my speeding ticket: there was actually a warrant out, can you believe it?????? Oh man, that would have been a riot that they arrest me for asking why they quote me a wrong amount for that stupid ticket.....
ahhhhhh...so much happened!! good and bad...my grandmother died form my mother's side, very sad! I wanted to go to Germany in the summer to see her again but that for some reason is not to be..at least we met her when we were in Germany, Dawn and I and I visited her often and we even went to the little park and took a stroll there. Well, the Drax family is getting smaller. I am still kind of down and my mind is occupied with loss. And: this horrible school shooting in Erfurt destroyed my idealism about how safe Germany is!! I can't say that anymore, the disillusion of young people everywhere in the world leads to these horrible deeds. We need to look at the root already as a society!! It really puts me down, it is just very depressing all this things!!
On a positive note: I produced some Country and Western for Britas son wedding and sharpened my transcribing skills and I even faked a pedal steel with my BlueD strat!!! WOW!!! Sounds goooood!!